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A pretty awesome way to see the world is with some-one you love or really like - like for example your partner, or maybe even your kids. Some people like to travel together on 2 separate bikes, while others prefer 2-up (= riding the same bike).


With us, we have another option, which is to join our service-vehicle. This vehicle follows the motorcycle route as much as possible and is meeting up with the group as many times as the logistics allows it during the day. It leaves the hotel every morning with all the luggage, spare bike and parts and arrives at the next hotel - leaving the riders free of carrying their extra clothes, camera chargers, laptops etc.


See the prices of being a passenger on one of the bikes or joining the service-vehicle. 


We're looking at changing the setup from car+trailer to mini-van with room in the back for extra bike, parts, luggage etc. But for the moment, this is our service-vehicle.

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