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Experience the thrill of a lifetime with our 8-day tour of the south-western part of the Dominican Republic. Explore the epic dunes in las Calderas, the beautiful beach in Bahia de las Aguilas and enjoy the authentic and raw parallel roads to Haiti. Marvel as we descend and overlook the humongous lake Enriquillo, the big beautiful mountains of Constanza, Valle Nuevo, the Piramid as well as Parque Haitises. This is a compact tour itinerary and one that you don't want to miss!

D8 SW Map, new.png

Guided group-tour dates:

  • Dec 13 - Dec 22, 2024

  • Mar 21 - Mar 30, 2025

(10 days / 9 nights / 7 ride-days / 1 break-days)


Tour start & finish: Uvero Alto Plaza

Service-vehicle & back-up motorcycle: Yes


Approx. distance: 1.514km / 946mi

Motorcycle: CF Moto 450MT, 2024

Accommodation level: Generally 3 - 4 stars hotels

Terrain type: Approx. 76% tarmac / 24% dirt

Group size: 2 - 10 participants (5 bikes)

Price, guided tour: $3.591/rider (+$1.796/passenger/van-tour)

Price, self-guided tour: $2.873/rider (+$958/passenger)


D8 SW Elevation.png


Routes, hotels, activities etc. are planned ahead as well as subject to change.

We do our best to stick to the plan, but sometimes things happen out of our control and we need to improvise.

Day 1:

We pick you up from the airport and take you straight to our base in Uvero Alto where you'll spend the first day and night. During the first day we'll have a look at the bikes, talk about the tour, do the last paperwork etc. At night we can grab some food together and other than that, it's just a matter of getting ready!

Hotel: Uvero Alto

Distance: -

Terrain: -

Day 2:
Uvero Alto - Dunas de Baní

Kicking this tour off with a nice long ride through sugarcane fields, great roads and a couple of stops along the southern shoreline before we arrive to what surprises people the most; The dunes of the Dominican Republic, also home to epic winds, kite-surfers and a big seasalt-production.

Hotel: Dunas de Baní

Distance: Approx. 286km / 179mi

Terrain: Approx. 100% tarmac / 0% dirt

Day 3: Dunas de Baní - Bahia de las Aguilas

From one epic beach to another - you're not going to believe just how beautiful the road and Bahia de las Aguilas itself is. Aguila means eagle but I believe there are more Iguanas. If we have time - we'll explore the mine Larimar where you can buy some beautiful blue rocks freshly dug out of the mountains.

Hotel: Bahia de las Aguilas

Distance: Approx. 285km / 178mi

Terrain: Approx. 91% tarmac / 9% dirt

Day 4: Bahia de las Aguilas - Lago Enriquillo

If the slicing through Sierra de Baoruco doesn't do it for you - nothing will. Leaving the big bordercity of Pedernales behind and venturing into the beautiful borderland to Haiti, we'll ascend some beautiful and at times challenging dirt roads before reaching the rural village called La Descubierta, next to Lago Enriquillo. 

Hotel: Lago Enriquilllo

Distance: Approx. 197km / 123mi

Terrain: Approx. 59% tarmac / 41% dirt

Day 5:
Lago Enriquillo - Constanza

On the menu today, we have another big and beautiful chain of mountains to pass - this one being Sierra de Neiba. We'll be riding through some of the most beautiful and raw nature this country has to offer and we'll finish in Constanza, a village where you for the probably first time will feel the need for a jacket.

Hotel: Constanza

Distance: Approx. 226km / 141mi

Terrain: Approx. 77% tarmac / 23% dirt

Day 6:
Constanza (Break-Day)

Today, we give the bikes a chance to cool down, to recharge our batteries and digest the impressions so far. Constanza is home to a wide variety of attractive places to visit and on the menu for today is Salto Aguas Blancas - a massive 2-story waterfall. We'll spend the day here enjoying a chilled time.

Hotel: Constanza

Distance: -

Terrain: -

Day 7:
Constanza - Santo Domingo

As today's route takes us into thin air, we're talking 2.400 meter / 7.800 feet of altitude and as we leave the agricultural landscape of Constanza we'll experience the raw beauty of Valle Nuevo before ultimately parking our bikes for the night in the colonial part of the country's capital, Santo Domingo.

Hotel: Santo Domingo

Distance: Approx. 219km / 137mi

Terrain: Approx. 86% tarmac / 14% dirt

Day 8: Santo Domingo - Caño Hondo

As we leave the capital behind us, we ride northeast to spend the penultimate day of this trip in magical Parque de los Haitises, Caño Hondo and Rancho Yanigua. This day isn't massive in terms of milage, but the beautiful afternoon boat-ride makes up for the lack of seat time.

Hotel: Caño Hondo

Distance: Approx. 115km / 97mi

Terrain: Approx. 75% tarmac / 25% dirt

Day 9:
Caño Hondo - Uvero Alto

The last day of the trip will take us straight east, back to where we started 9 days ago. En-route, we'll pass by some colourful small fisherman villages, the spectacular Mt. Redonda and a couple of really beautiful beaches, including La Vacama where we'll make sure to stop for a chance to refresh ourselves.

Hotel: Uvero Alto

Distance: Approx. 141km / 88mi

Terrain: Approx. 76% tarmac / 24% dirt

Day 10:

If we didn't manage to wrap everything up, check the bikes, clear the deposit etc upon arrival yesterday, we're doing it today and we hope we all had an amazing time! Thanks for joining us at Dr. Moto Adventure and we look forward to having you back anytime soon again!

Hotel: -

Distance: -

Terrain: -


The Dominican Republic is a true dual-sport paradise and with tons of beautiful things to see and experience, this bike is not only ideal for what we want to achieve - it's freaking perfect! It has a long range, incredible specs and coming out of the CF Moto factory (supplier of private label engines such as KTM and Kawasaki), we know it's up to par with any other bike out there.


Step-By-Step Registration Guide

  1. Fill out the form below and click "register now".

  2. We'll receive your request to register and will check on our end if we have the bike and spot(s) available as per your request.

  3. We reply and inform you of our availability (and potential alternatives) as well as further info to clear the deposit.

  4. Once you've cleared the deposit, we confirm that your spot and bike is reserved as per your request and we'll send you further info to clear the last payment. 


When handing over your motorcycle for the tour, we will go through the bike and assure that everything is fully functional as well as register any given dents or scratches before you're asked to sign a Waiver of Liability. You'll also be asked for a security-deposit to cover any given damages to the bikes. This deposit will be refunded immediately after the end of the tour and the bike has been assessed that no parts need to be replaced. In the case that the bike is clearly damaged and/or very dirty, we reserve the right to withhold the security-deposit up to 3 days to assess the bike. Broken parts due to crashes will be changed as soon as possible and the corresponding amount deducted from the security-deposit.


  • A valid minimum 2-year old motorcycle drivers license

  • Passport or photo ID

  • Valid credit/debit card

  • A refundable security-deposit of $1.500

  • 50% of total cost paid in advance to make a booking

  • Further Terms and Conditions apply


In all tours (guided group-tours and self-guided tours):

  • Airport transfer (to & from PUJ airport) on arrival & departure days (pick-up from Santo Domingo Airport optional for +$200/way, see more)

  • Welcome goodie-bag

  • Tour booklet (PDF) with day by day plans

  • Rental motorcycle

  • Basic motorcycle insurance

  • Saddlebags and/or tankbag

  • Shared hotel room with breakfast (private room upgrade available for +$100/night, see more)

In guided group-tours only:

  • Guaranteed departures according to calendar at minimum 2 riders

  • Service-vehicle & back-up motorcycle (see more)

  • Fuel

  • Experienced multilingual guide

  • Admission fees & activities according to the itinerary


  • International/national flights

  • Personal travel, medical and cancellation insurances

  • Broken/lost/damaged parts

  • Activities outside of the itinerary

  • Motorcycle riding gear

  • Food & beverages, except for breakfast

  • Gratuities

  • Everything not listed in the tour itinerary or in the "Included" section



There's no-one size fits all and although we have multiple unique tours, maybe you just want to do something different. Let us know and we'll figure it out.



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