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We can't change the world - but we can help a bit here and there and make a difference where we can. We discovered a little way to do some charity and you can as a tour-rider or not participate in the extent you wish.

February 25 2023 was one of those days. I was out and about testing a CF Moto and I came across this little dirt-trail going off the road. I asked some locals if I could ride it up and they confirmed. I did so and I found an abandoned house occupied by a Haitian family of three.

2 parents and a 4 months old baby (now 5).

I made this video from the visit saying "I want to come back and give the baby some stuff" and before I knew it, I had multiple people asking how they could contribute and the whole process was very inspirational.

I know charity can be a heavy topic and I know we can't fix the world - but if you're on a tour (or not) with me and want to contribute to this baby and his family, then maybe parts of the bike-deposit could go to them. Or instead of tipping, donate the money to this cause.


I'll try to make some nice videos and photos documenting the deed - so at least you know your money goes straight to the cause.

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