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Thanks for tuning into my newest and latest project; Dr. Moto Adventure!

First of all - the "Dr." in "Dr Moto Adventure" has 2 meanings. The "Dr" can mean both "Doctor" and "Dominican Republic" - and for the moment, as a self-proclaimed Moto-Adventure-Doctor, I'm prescribing Weekly Tours, Multi-Day Tours and Pure Rental on the Dominican Republic :) Maybe one day, I'll be able to prescribe similar cures for your itchy boots elsewhere around the world - hence the reason I came up with the play on words!

For me, the Dominican Republic is an absolute paradise for 2 wheels. I started coming here for work in 2017, helping local entrepreneurs out with hard enduro competitions. I gave classes on offroad riding around the country and in 2022 I got myself organised to take on a 13-day solo-trip around the country on a borrowed XR650. I wanted to experience the country more in-depth as well as try myself out as a travel YouTuber. See the colourful travel show here.

Life's short and if there's one thing that truly motivates me, it's trying to live in accordance with my true passion and what inspires me. There's many ways we can make a dollar to survive and thrive, but only so few of us actually live on a daily basis with something deeply rooted in our core passion. I always loved moving through life on two wheels and this island is not only full of places worth exploring, it also has great weather year round.

Those who know me, know that I've been riding bikes since I was 9 years old - but that alone doesn't necessarily qualify one for running a motorcycle tour company, let alone far away from home. I consider what makes me comfortable taking on this business lies in knowing if I fail, I'll know that at least I tried. I also believe having been part of big offroad motorcycle organisations like Romaniacs and working with logistics on more than 24 international hard enduro events, I'm really comfortable leading the way, scouting tracks and making connections - personal as well as geographical. I'm still young (born in '85) and I speak 3 languages fluently (Danish, English & Spanish) and Portuguese & German enough to get in and out of trouble. 

I'll be sharing my experiences, photos and videos on the Blog and on Youtube, Instagram and Facebook. So stay tuned.

Big hugs and see you on the Dominican Republic!


Supporting me in this project is my awesome friend Jose Cueto, who's lived on the Dominican Republic for more than 25 years. Originally from Asturias in Spain, but fell in love with the country after travelling latin america on a bicycle.

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