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On this tour we'll take you via the coast line to easily the best view you'll have all day. Montaña Redonda means Round Mountain and that's what it is. On top of that round mountain, you can have lunch or just a cup of coffee. Whatever you'd like. The ride out is 80km and so is the ride back making this tour a total of 160km (100miles).


Bonus info: if you're comfortable riding a bit of offroad and in sand, then there's an option to ride right along side the ocean in Playa La Vacama.


Check this video out to learn more about the tour and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions.


These are our bikes and this is your guide.


See ya!

Half Day Tour - Montaña Redonda

  • This is where I'll attach the waiver of liability as a PDF. Can be seen online but must be signed offline.

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